We're changing for the better!

We're changing for the better!

COVID highlighted how important it is to support Australian businesses and the fact that we were importing our bottles from China did not sit well with us. We therefore tried sourcing an Australian made emerald, green bottle at a reasonable price but didn’t meet with any success.

We realised that committing to the quantity of bottles we needed to to be able to have our distinct bottle, placed too much pressure on a small business such as ours, especially during a pandemic and in a world where there are so many unknowns.

So, we decided to move to an all Australian clear bottle and change the label to the emerald green that is associated with our beloved brand and primary product – where our small business began 15 years ago. This will ensure the consumer recognises that the product is the same beautiful, local, Australian mineral water, just in different packaging.

Who knows, maybe further down the track, after we recover from what has been a very challenging time in business, and with your continued support, we will be able to revisit the emerald green bottle and source them from Australia.

At present, our 750ml Sparkling Mineral Water bottle and 500ml Sparkling Mineral Water bottles are clear (all Australian) and the 300ml Sparkling Mineral Water will be moved into its new bottle later in the year.

We thank you for your understanding, patience and continued support.